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Declare Your Independence

Our Declaration of Independence is a clear and unambiguous acclamation that we all enjoy natural and unalienable rights – rights not granted by governments but inherent in our very existence. We sometimes fail to remember, though, that the Declaration of Independence is also a demand for governments to secure those rights for us, and a proclamation that when those governments fail to do so, the people have the right to alter their government.

Those of us in the Liberty movement have long believed that government is the problem. But a government that serves all people fairly, as our founders intended, can also be the solution.

A just government must protect everyone’s unalienable rights -- all rights, of all people, all the time.

...not the rights of special interests above others.

...not the rights of a certain political class above others.

...not the rights of a certain economic group above others.

And, most importantly, not the rights of the government above others.

A just government must serve the people’s needs, not its own, and it must be impartial.

Our Declaration of Independence enunciated our right to “throw off such Governments”, a right we certainly enjoy to this day. It’s a right that does not, however, necessarily require a violent revolution. It is a right that can readily be non-violently asserted at the ballot box.

But we voters need to exercise that right. We must.

Texas voters have a unique and on-going opportunity to assert their demands for such a government. The Railroad Commission is a governmental entity that exists specifically to protect property rights, economic rights, public safety, and our common natural resources.

And even though the Commission is directly answerable to voters EVERY TWO YEARS, it has strayed from its primary responsibilities and has been inevitably captured by the crony capitalists and special interests that we all deplore.

But all is not lost; there is a way forward.

There is a candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner who believes in the proper role of government.

There is a candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner who believes that everyone’s rights and property deserve protection.

And there is a candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner who understands the issues facing our dishonestly-named agency, whose primary responsibilities are with our oil & gas industry, not our railroads.

I will be on the November ballot as the Libertarian Party’s nominee for Texas Railroad Commissioner. Check out the other three folks who will be on the ballot. Not only am I clearly the most qualified for the position, but I am the only one who promises to work to return the Commission to its legitimate primary responsibilities.

We implore our supporters and anyone else who is listening to get the word out that your government can be taken back. Your government can be returned to its primary responsibilities. Your government can serve all the people not just a powerful few.

In this year of obvious disillusionment with the two-party-rule of the past, it’s time to declare your independence from two-party rule.

By supporting me, you will declare your intention to take your government back from the old crusty parties and begin to hand over government to someone who will serve you, your liberties, and your future.

Today, we launch our End Two Party Rule campaign to help Texans declare their independence from two-party rule. Declare your independence at endtwopartyrule.com

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