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The US After Trump

When the terrorists took down the Twin Towers, they thought it would paralyze the US. It didn't. Life went on because all the important decisions and actions don't occur in New York or Washington, DC. The important things occur in our communities, our businesses, and our individual lives.

When Richard Nixon was impeached and driven from office, the US went on.

After Vietnam and the civil rights riots, the US went on.

When JFK was assassinated, followed not too long thereafter by Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy, the US went on.

After the Great Depression and WWII, the US went on.

After the Civil War, the US went on.

With Trump in the White House, conservatives will wish they didn't allow the Presidency to wield so much power.

With Trump in the White House, progressives will wish they didn't allow the Presidency to wield so much power.

With Trump in the White House, perhaps the rest of us will long for and demand a government where the Presidency has so little real power that it matters little to our everyday lives. Perhaps we will:

  • Return power to Congress. Yes, they're ineffective. Yes, they don't usually move as quickly as we'd like them to. But we can change them often and no single person has too much power.
  • Return  power to the States. Yes, some states don't do as good a job as others at protecting its citizens. But at least we have choices about where to live. We can always move to a better state.
  • Return more power to individuals. Some of us make bad choices from time to time. But when we ask for government to coddle us, we sometimes escape the consequences of our bad actions. I'd rather live with the consequences of my bad actions than those of my government. 

Trump is a narcissistic bore with authoritarian tendencies. Our forefathers designed a form of government to protect us from narcissistic authoritarians. They did so by limiting what government could do. They did so by creating three equal branches of government designed to be in conflict with each other so as to thwart each others' power grabs.

Perhaps having our current narcissistic bore as President will remind us why our forefathers designed such a government ... and why we should demand to get it back.

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