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Remember the Alamo

For Texans, the Alamo is an almost mythic symbol of resistance to tyranny against overwhelming odds. The lesson we take from the Alamo is that we can still prevail, even after what looks like defeat.

Yesterday my Libertarian campaign for Texas Railroad Commissioner garnered 5.3% of the vote in Texas, nearly half a million votes out of nearly 9 million cast. The Republican Candidate received 53% and the Democrat 38%. The Green Party candidate came in fourth at 3.2%.

Though we were obviously running to win, we managed to do well enough to assure ballot access in Texas for 2018. That’s a huge victory because it guarantees that the fight for liberty continues without the distraction and cost of a major petition drive.

The Alamo taught Texans that the fight for liberty is long and hard. But it can be won. This year’s Railroad Commission race was one of many in those long hard battles. So let’s remember the Alamo and fight on for the future of ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren.

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